TRI + TAF Anti-Smoking Campaign

TRI+TAF’s mission is to motivate and empower youth to stay tobacco free. TRI+TAF is a newly implemented vision of Triumphant People Community Task Force, Inc., youth division program. It encourages young people to be active in addressing issues that negatively affect our society.

TRI-+TAF’s objective is to target young athletes who are committed to excellence in the area of Track & Field and stress the importance of remaining tobacco free. We endeavor to implement an Anti-Smoking Campaign that promotes a smoke free America at Track & Field events through-out the State of Florida. Ultimately, TRI+TAF will join coaches all over the United States of America to do the same.

We decree that “Black is beautiful, but not in your lungs”. Whether you smoke or chew, choosing tobacco may be the last thing you do. Don’t run out of breath before the race is won, smoking tobacco is a loaded gun. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, signed a law amending the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act. This Act gives school boards the authority to designate all school-district property as tobacco free. A great percentage of smokers begin smoking at an early age and become addicted before they reach adulthood. Various sources have reported that nicotine is as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Many medical conditions and health problems are associated with cigarette smoking.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tobacco–Free Sports Initiatives makes introduction to tobacco-free sports. It is believed that “6.4 million of today’s young people will die from tobacco-related diseases. Sharing that nearly all first-time tobacco use occurs before high school. This suggests that if kept tobacco-free, most youth will never start using tobacco. Youth sports continue to be popular in the United States. Sports activities, therefore, present great opportunities to reach young people. Young athletes learn to make important health decisions related to tobacco use, physical activity, and good nutrition while on a sports team”.

Education is one of the most effective ways to prevent youth tobacco use. The all organizations are being invited to join us in our efforts to create a smoke free America. Representatives are being chosen to help develop and implement ideas, promote our event, and recruit additional volunteers as needed.